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Bibi Amina Phili

Head: special radio projects and survey department

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Every Monday a segment on urban woman 10:30am to 11:00am
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4 thoughts on “Feedback show

  1. Salms just as of now Two issues already brought to your notice on Previous Occasions and they are are as Follows :
    1) Immediately Change Slot Title that is Demeaning to Womenkind ie. Urban Woman !!! Urban Woman has a Dichotomy Effect to Women in General that Lowers those out of the Urban Context and hence is an Idiotic Title given by one with a lack of Wisdom.In Essence it is An Unislamic Title.
    2) The Introduction of a South African Indigenous Language in Slots Titled as Teach Yourself a Language.NB. If Your Radio Station Persists not to then you can be Justifiably Regarded as a Racist Radio Station since an Indian Language is in Vogue for a Long Time. Shamefully some Institutions are even Parrot Fashioning the Indigenous Brothers and Sisters as Urdu nasheed Singers if not the Urdu Language itself.
    My suggestion is Zulu being the Language of Choice as an Immediate Starter INSHALLAH.
    3) We need Indigenous Afrcan Sheiks and the Islamic Intelligentsia from the Indigenous Ameen in Slots Presently Allocated to Sufism Cult Promoters such as Yusuf Ayob and Hafiz Riaaz and Naeem Khan. NB>Mainstream Dynamic Islam as From Quraan and Hadith has and admits nothing for Sufism and their Sister Cults. Let us go to the Slogan ie. A Return To The Prophet (SAW) and THE QURAAN Ameen if you Recall this was a Famous line of DR. FR. ANSARI Ra.
    Also note my Previous Outreach to your Station All In Vain very Sadly so.

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  3. Assalaamualaykum
    I’m an 11 year old boy, my brother is 8 years old visiting durban and we are fasting and I want to complain about all the food adverts you are playing all day on the radio. Pls stop.

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