Zuma addresses supporters outside Durban court

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ZumaJacob Zuma has told the crowd of supporters he doesn’t know why he’s being taken to court – when he hasn’t done anything wrong.

The former president’s been addressing hundreds demonstrators outside the Durban High Court this morning, where his corruption case on 16 charges has been postponed until June.

There was a huge roar of excitement the moment Zuma stepped out of court.

“I want to thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last 13 years. You are still continuing to support me. To my knowledge if someone is charged with something, it does not mean they are guilty. I still have full rights like everyone else. They say someone is innocent until proven guilty,” Zuma said.

Before his address, religious leaders opened the floor with prayer.

These demonstrators have explained why they’ve thrown their weight behind the former president.