The Truth About the Van Breda Murders

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Henri Van Breda is a man most South Africans may not like. On the morning that his parents and brother were murdered he had survived with relatively minor wounds.This may sound all the more shocking when you take into account the fact that Van Breda says that an axe wielding balaclava man was responsible for the murders. This may not make sense given how Henri himself escaped.

Martin 54, Teresa 55 and Rudi Van Breda, 22, were found murdered on 27 January 2015, at their De Zalze Estate in Stellenbosch.

Dr Michelle Van Zylle testified that she saw the triple murder accused at the Vergelegen Medi-clinic, on January 27 2015. The first time was at 20:25, when he asked one of his stab wounds to be examined for possible stitches. Van Zyl had stated that she stapled the laceration, rather than stitched it as it wasn’t deep enough. It’s unlikely that the wound could have been inflicted by an exterior source as Van Zyl says the “clips” used simply closed the cut.

Dr. Marienne Tiemensma who had examined the photos and records of Van Breda’s wounds, acknowledged in Court that most of the wounds could be self-inflicted. She came to the same conclusion regarding the wounds on his fore-arm. Van Breda is Right handed. So we have the verdict of two medical experts that say Van Breda could have inflicted the wounds himself. But what could have been the motive of such a crime? And why did his younger sister Marli survive?

Investigators and the police both have to find an answer to what appears to be mass murder perpetrated by the eldest son. The question is why? Why kill your own parents and brother and also try to kill your own sister. The only injuries he is likely to have are on his head, back, and leg. The sharp-force injuries to his thorax and abdomen had a slightly different appearance and appeared to have been afflicted with a stabbing wound and not a slicing action, Tiamensma found. These too were superficial.

So how is it that a man who saw his parents brutally murdered or had committed the murders him-self is able to behave casually while talking to hospital staff. The whole story sounds like the work of fiction. No answer has been provided as regards to this question. We will never know the truth until this matter is resolved.

The truth about how these matters are dealt with will depend on when Van Breda finally breaks down and admit that he is responsible for the murders. However this seems highly unlikely as Van Breda shows no sign of breaking down.So now there is also the issue of what would happen next? Will the police be able to get to the bottom of who killed the Van Breda Couple and their younger son? How this plays out will depend on what Henri will confess.


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