Trump Inauguration:Prioritizing decorations instead of policies

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by Yacoob Cassim 

The US President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States on the 20th of January 2017. That means there is only one day left before the Inauguration. Trump will become President for the next four years. Already the White House decorations have been changed to reflect his exquisite tastes. From Gold Curtains to other extravagant furnishings, the new interior designs will reflect Trump’s tastes. One has only to look at the President-Elect’s former residence of Trump Tower. The Penthouse atop the Trump Organization’s headquarters is known to be a Glittering Jewel Box. Such elaborate and unprecedented furnishings and decorations could be an omen as to what a Trump Presidency could be known for. Indeed far from the Austerity and Transparency of previous Presidencies an era under Trump would mean not only does he refuse to release his full Tax Returns, but he also refuses to give up Control of his company, The Trump Organization which is a huge business Empire.

Therefore it is also the other matter of how Trump is able to manage this unprecedented conflict of interest. The other matter is that there is also the fact that being elected President means doing things you not only dislike but also meeting with people you don’t necessarily like. Trump is already hesitant about making sacrifices that means he has to sit down negotiate with Law-makers for hours. Being President of the United States means you are not only Commander in Chief, the Leader of the Free World and also the Voice of the Nation. However it also comes with the most stressful, back-bending, Heart-Wrenching, Soul-Crushing Work.

Photos of out going US President Barack Obama which were taken of him before becoming President and also in his final days are now the subject of political jokes. The photos show the President first as a young Senator with glimmering eyes full of Hope and change and afterwards as someone with Puffy Eye lids, Greying hair and a wrinkled face. The burdens of being the Head of State clearly show true. Trump like wise has his own set of aging problems, this includes being about seventy, (he is the oldest person elected President), has the same puffy eye lids and wrinkled face as Obama. Only difference is that Trump has been known to prefer his comfort zone to having make sacrifices and will find some other way to accommodate his whims. Trump hates to have his Ego hurt in some way whether it has been through opinion polls (the President-Elect has a lower approval rating than Former President George W Bush) or not being able to have any A-list Entertainers at his Inauguration.

Meanwhile Obama himself has warned against underestimating Trump and Republican Congressmen and those Americans who voted for Trump to be certain “that as we go forward, certain norms, certain institutional traditions don’t get eroded, because there’s a reason they’re in place”. Obama’s fear of Trump seems to be underestimated as he himself is none the better in this regard. As he leaves the Oval Office to Trump, Obama reflected that his health care policies and his contentious relationship with Israel would be reversed by his successor. As Trump’s Presidency unfolds in the first 100 days we will receive a clear indication of his leadership style. We may not necessarily like it but it is a precursor to something much worse.



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