Syrian President Bashir Al Assad is closing in on the Rebels

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The nation of Syria is now known to have survived a stalemate in its civil war. The forces loyal to President Bashir Al Assad have launched government airstrikes in Southern Daraa province, but this also means that this is in preparation for a ground strike. The city of Daraa is where the original protests that sparked the civil war started. So, recapturing Daraa will be a political prize for Assad and a sign of the rebels’ failures. According to the state Control media, the operations are aimed to cut supply lines between the province’s eastern parts and its capital city. This would lead to food and other necessities such as weapon for the rebels being denied to them.

Already about fifty thousand people have died in the ongoing battle between pro-regime forces and the rebels. Meanwhile the Jordanian government has stated that their country will not be able to take in another influx of Syrian Refugees with thousands now fleeing from Southern Syria. Jordan hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees.

The U.N estimated Tuesday some 50,000 people fled their homes in the southern Deraa province over the past week, as forces loyal to Syrian President Bashir Assad move deeper into the area. U.N. officials said many of the displaced are heading towards the border with Jordan, without an apparent escape route. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi wrote Tuesday on Twitter that “our borders will remain closed,” and that it’s up to the United Nations to provide security in southern Syria. Since Syria’s civil war began in 2011, Jordan has taken in 660,000 registered Syrian refugees, and it says the actual number is double that.

So, Jordan is home to 660,000 Syrian refugees while also having to deal with wide spread protests which stalled necessary economic reforms such as a new tax law. The fact that over 50,000 people had to flee shows the devastation that has rocked Syria since the Civil War began. Jordanian Foreign Minister Safadi was right to have the Hashemite Kingdom’s borders closed as the strain of providing aid to the refugees has reached maximum levels. However, the plight of the Syrian people must be addressed if this war is to end. A new ceasefire should be negotiated if there is to be peace and a life for the Syrian refugees to get too. The Syrian nation is waiting desperately for a reprieve.

This approach is called the “nibbling tactic”, which the army uses to cut through rebel held areas to isolate them from one another to facilitate the storming on them in a later stage. Meanwhile, state news agency SANA said the army started to provide fire cover for the advance of the armed forces in the southeastern sector of Daraa. It added that the forces are fighting to cut between Daraa and the Jordanian border. The militants of the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front in Deraa are preventing the reconciliation attempts between the government forces and other rebels through launching suicide attacks on the Syrian military posts in Daraa, SANA reported.

The “nibbling tactic”, would certainly prove to be effective in the Syrian mountains where everything is chaotic. This way they are able to avert an ambush. The state news agency has stated the air strikes were meant to provide cover to the ground forces, which means they were responsible for weakening the rebels’ missile launchers. The truth is that there is still the matter of what will be the faith of the rebels when Daraa falls. The issue of suicide attacks by Nusra Front in Deraa is most disturbing and shows how far the militants will go in attacking Deraa, as was reported.

The threat posed by militants forces to reconciliation between the regime and the rebels must be dealt with. The Russians should intervene and try to get Assad to agree to some sort of peace agreement and assist in combatting the terrorists. We have to see what happens next.