South Africans await President Zuma’s response

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Magashule South Africans are waiting to see how the next scenes unfold in the country’s leadership saga.

The ANC announced yesterday that it had recalled Jacob Zuma as President. The party said it expects Zuma to respond to the announcement today.

ANC secretary general, Ace Magashule told reporters at Luthuli House yesterday that the ruling party wants Cyril Ramaphosa to lead the country. Magashule said that they want Ramaphosa – who became the party president in December last year – to deliver the State of the Nation Address.

Magashule said the decision to recall Zuma is based on the party’s decision for the ANC president to be Head of State – emphasising that Zuma has not been found guilty of anything in a court of law.

“I think we must treat President Zuma as the president of the Republic of South Africa. President Zuma has not been found guilty by any court of law. When we took these decisions, we did not take these decisions because comrade Jacob Zuma has done anything wrong,” he says.

While South Africans are waiting to see how the next stanza in the country’s leadership saga unfolds – Magashule says they want the matter to be treated with urgency.

“When we recall our deployee, we expect the deployee to do what the organisation expects him to do. I don’t know what will happen but let’s leave it to President Jacob Zuma,” he says.