Quintuplets shine at five-in-one graduation

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A set of quintuplets last week celebrated their graduation from the same university, all with different degrees, cheered on by their elated parents.

Jorge and Enna Diaz (both 55) were proud to witness their 21-year-old children – Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John – graduating from North Texas University.

The five have been inseparable since they were born in July 1996. They attended the same primary and high schools before getting accepted to the same university where they stayed in the same dormitories, The Mirror reports.

The siblings, from Keller in Texas, worked part-time and took out study loans to pay for their studies. They finished college with degrees in Spanish, biology, finance, social communication and art, Metro reports.

Their parents said they were gratified to see their kids graduate.

“It’s been my dream to see them graduate through college,” Mexican-born Jorge said. “Watching them graduate was the best feeling a parent can have, but multiply that by five – we did it.”

George said he and his siblings are so used to being together and that they sometimes ended up taking classes together even though their majors were different.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be half as happy as my dad was when we graduated,” he said. “It was great to start something like college with my siblings and finish it together.