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A public meeting held on 4 November 2018 at the North beach front at 9:00am-12:00pm and 4:00pm-8:00pm outside copper chimney
The meeting gave a report to the community members in taking an interest on Radio Al-Ansaar’s newly introduced programmes and current programmes

The meeting started promptly at 9:00am with a show called simply gardening with yacoob chohan and rajen raj Kumar followed by another show presented by sameera kader both shows where broadcasted live on Radio Alansaar 90.4 FM-105.6 FM
Part two of session 1 commenced with a prayer and shortly after everyone in attendance requested to sign an attendance register and fill in surveys

Bibi Amina Phili heading Radio Al-Ansaar’s (Durban) Radio projects & survey department took the platform by welcoming every one present .A special thank you also extended to all

Ms Bibi Amina Phili and Mrs Zuha shehzad presented to community members all of Radio Al-Ansaar’s broadcasting programmes and spoke briefly of the new shows that where introduced

Ms Bibi Amina Phili further spoke briefly about the outlook of radio Al-Ansaar and What Radio Alansaar wants to achieve by making these changes.

She further encouraged members of the public to fill in surveys that where situated on a table that was set in a public space with Alansaar al ummah magazines ,also calling them to have a discussion if there need be any queries about Radio Al-Ansaar or its programmes

She spoke about the ways of interaction and how the public can interact with Alansaar if there are any queries about programmes

The first session part 2 ended with a question and answer sessiion and the members that asked questions got a small gift courtesy of radio Alansaar bookshop

The second session which started at 4:00pm commenced with live shows that took place inside the Al-Ansaar crafter (mobile studio) the show: kick off with buddy governdor there after The session was followed by another live show called sanaee Muhammed which was a Mehfil e naath both these session where broadcasted live on Radio Al-Ansaar 90.4 FM and on Pietermaritzburg 105.6 FM
After the dialogue session the meeting ended with light meal courtesy of the copper chimney restaurant

The Radio Al-Ansaar management will study the surveys.
Radio Al-Ansaar
90.4 FM Durban
105.6 FM Pietermaritzburg