Nzimande: ANC can’t have its cake and eat it

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Communist South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Blade Nzimande says the African National Congress (ANC) should remember that it doesn’t only stand for its members but also progressive South Africans.

The communist party says it won’t be silent about issues plaguing the governing party.

Nzimande was addressing the launch of the party’s Red October in Johannesburg at the weekend.

The ANC’s alliance has come under fire for its vocal criticism of President Jacob Zuma and his allies who have been linked to corruption and state capture.

Nzimande says the ANC cannot have its cake and eat it.

“If the ANC wants to be the leader of the alliance, it must accept that we’ll talk about it as allies because the work it is doing is not just only for itself but it’s for all of us. It’s those who want to steal the ANC who are saying we must be quiet about what the ANC does.”