The murders of the Van Breda family remain a source of controversy

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by Yacoob Cassim

BredaHenri Van Breda’s trial took place on the 7 th of August, Monday in the Western Cape High
Court. He currently stands for axing his Parents and brother to death, seriously injuring his
sister Marli and defeating the ends of justice.
Van Breda, 22, pleaded not guilty to those charges and has insisted that his family was
attacked by an intruder wearing a balaclava, gloves and dark clothes. This happened in their
multi-million rand home on the highly secured De Zalze Estate outside Stellenbosch in
January 2015.
In his plea explanation, Van Breda claimed that he disarmed the attacker and thrown the
axe at him while he sat chase after him down the stairs of their home. The intruder then
escaped, according to Van Breda. On Thursday, the last time the case was heard, blood
spatter expert Captain Marius Joubert testified that the attacker behind the murders
possibly dragged and shoved the body of Van Breda’s brother, Rudi’s, body around to show
his anger.
So Van Breda has been playing a game of lies with the court insisting that his family had died
at the hands of a mysterious intruder who could not be identified. The question is how did
Henri manage to survive such a brutal attack? He couldn’t have been able to snatch the axe
as easily as that from the intruder and after most of his family was murdered. And how
would this attacker escape in a secured enclosed neighbourhood? None of what Van Breda
says makes sense? What could Rudi have done to warrant such brutal treatment of his

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