Man accused of killing Siam Lee back in KZN court

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brutalityThe man accused of murdering KwaZulu-Natal woman Siam Lee is expected back in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

He has been in custody since his bail application was adjourned last month.

The prosecution had focused largely on the 29-year-old’s business dealings. He owns a diesel processing plant, based in Johannesburg. Lee went missing early in January and was eventually found in a cane field in New Hanover.

The court previously heard that a private investigator had seemingly played a leading role in the man’s arrest.

Claims of police brutality

Defence lawyer Advocate Martin Krog had his client explain how police, during his arrest, allegedly attempted to coach him into a specific confession.

The accused also previously testified that even after police arrived at his home to arrest him, private investigator Brad Nathanson and his team remained in the vicinity.

He claimed that police threatened him when they arrived.

“They told me I was going to leave confessing to killing Siam Lee or I was going to leave in a body bag (sic). There were exact things they wanted me to say.”

He then went on to accuse the police of brutality.

“When I refused to confess, a police officer went to a car and fetched an evidence bag. They used that to put it over my face and they strangled me with it twice outside.”