KZN girl’s ‘miracle recovery’ after deadly snake bite

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Mikayla A north coast father says it’s a miracle that his nine-year-old daughter’s survived after she was bitten by a Mozambique spitting cobra.

Ludwig Grove says little Mikayla’s on the road to making a full recovery.

“She’s lost a lot of fat tissue around the cheek area but the fat tissue will be taken care of in the next year or two,” he says.

The child, whose facial scars are still healing, returned to school after weeks in hospital.

Grove, who lives on a farm in Esenembe, says Mikayla was in bed when the snake bit her and then spat venom into his wife’s eyes.

 “She grabbed Mikayla and ran out the room to the adjacent bathroom. I saw two little blood spots on her chin. As entered the room, I peeped around the door and saw the snake on the bed,” he says.

Grove says Mikayla is understandably still very scared – after the incident.

“We make it a ritual of going through the rooms and checking under the bed. Mikayla hoped that the snake wasn’t killed and even named the snake Pearl,” Grove says.