Florida Airport Shooting Suspect a War Veteran

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by Yacoob Cassim

The shooting that occurred in Ft. Lauderdale- Hollywood Airport which saw the deaths of five people and six others wounded was done at the hands of Iraqi War Veteran Estaban Santiago.  The 26 year old man was suffering mental health problems and known by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He had been living in Anchorage Alaska with his girlfriend when he had walked into local FBI headquarters claiming the Government was making him watch “ISIS” videos and asking him to kill people. He claimed he didn’t want to hurt anyone.


However this latest massacre shows that something twisted and disturbing is going on behind the scenes. The man in question was known by the investigators for behaving erratically and they are not ruling out whether this was an act of terrorism while investigating a cause of mental illness. The question is if someone who is non-Muslim commits a crime as a result of mental illness and receives the politically correct reportage that comes with it but if a suspect possess a Muslim name or is a Muslim the word “terrorist” is published more times than one can count. The hypocrisy is chilling.


Another strange action done by the police was to give Santiago back his handgun. This was done after his previous evaluation when they declared that he was previously incapable of murder. However you have to ask yourself how did they come to that conclusion? Did they not remember that such assessments made in the past turned out to be wrong and that when these people were released they ended up doing the things others warned against? From Paedophiles to serial killers these sorts of actions were repeated time and time again.


In the case of Estaban Santiago the former serviceman was known by his family to be suffering from psychiatric problems when he was formerly discharged from the United States Army in Iraq. His Aunt and Uncle who it appears have yet to be named said he was a different person at the time he had returned home from the War torn Middle East Country. It now appears that the United States has another threat to be concerned about. The threat of returning War Veterans becoming radicalized after experiencing Post traumatic stress disorder due to having fought a war in unfamiliar surroundings. The War on Terror appears to be creating terror in a more forms rather than preventing it.


Meanwhile as Anchorage Police Chief Chris Tolley told a News Conference back in Alaska “Santiago was having terroristic thoughts and believed he was being influenced by ISIS (The Islamic State Militant Group,)”.  The other matter is that  he had been discharged from the Alaskan National Guard Army in 2014. By this time he had had a baby with his girlfriend but domestic life was far from being happy for him. He allegedly verbally abused his now former girlfriend who locked herself in the bathroom. He then allegedly broke down the door and started beating her. That was the end of their relationship. There must be many more examples such as this as regards to Veterans. I hope President Elect Donald Trump considers this as he proposes to ban all Muslims from the United States and realizes that the issue of dealing with radicalized militants is far more complex than banning an entire group of honest, hardworking, innocent people from the entering the country.



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