Cyril Ramaphosa makes Naledi Pandor his running mate

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RamaphosaSouth Africa is witnessing all sorts of changes as the race to the African National Congress’
Conference in December heats up. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has picked Naledi Pandor
to be his running mate, after having faced pressure to nominate a woman to the position of
Deputy President. Meanwhile there are those in South Africa who believe we should imitate
Zimbabwe when it comes to instituting land reform. Some argue that land should be
expropriated from the white minority without compensation as was done in Zimbabwe under
President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF led government.
Eyewitness News and the Mail and Guardian newspaper reported on their websites that
Ramaphosa made the announcement that Pandor would be the ANC deputy presidential
candidate on his ticket during a rally in the province of Limpopo.
“it’s a smart move. Pandor’s smart and she does not appear tainted by any corruption
allegation nor is she close to either the Zuma or Ramaphosa camps. And as a woman, she ticks a
number of boxes that make a lot of sense,” said Gary Van Staden, a political analyst with NKC
African Economics.
So Pandor a veteran politician like Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma,who has served as Minister of
Education under President of Thabo Mbeki before holding other posts in the administration of
President Jacob Zuma. She is certainly a more neutral figure to hold such a position than other
politicians in the Zuma administration. Her credentials as a veteran leader will help strengthen
Ramaphosa’s bid for the ANC Presidency while providing a suitable female successor in the role
of the Party’s second in command.
Impoverished South Africans support Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s stance on land
redistribution and empowering his compatriots. This comes as anger mounts among the
majority of South Africans over the land imbalances favoring colonial masters after 20 years of
independence. Over 80 percent of the country’s prime land is still in the hands of the few
colonial settlers while the majority indigenous blacks continue to live in abject poverty. Angry

black South Africans interviewed by CAJ across the country expressed discontent at the
“We can’t find jobs. Worse, whenever we attempt to go into business, the white minority who
controls the means of production right from banks and businesses refuse to partner black
people,” said Lore Mahlatse of White River in Mpumalanga.
“I believe Mugabe’s appropriation of land without compensation is the best way to ensure our
wealth (South Africa) is equitably distributed. Without land, our future is bleak,” said Mahlatse.
So now there are those who want this country to initiate a move to bankruptcy, like the
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe did in his own nation. If they insist that white owned
businesses refused to take them on as partners than they should argue their case in a court of
law. As regards to seizing profitable farm land look at the example of Zimbabwe again and ask if
land taken from the White farmers was better managed or used. The idea that wealth
redistribution could be more equitable if the state seized the resources of production and
managed it by itself has failed repeatedly throughout history. I only hope Ramaposa and Pandor
should they take leadership of the Party this December will offer a better solution to the
current crisis.
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