20 October

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Fatima Dawjee
Bibi Amina Phili/Shabir badsha
Ipci staff/R.A.U.F/M.A motala students
Speakers-Yusuf Islam & john McClatchy
Faraaz bux

Members of the public



A public meeting held on 20 October 2018 at the Al-Ansaar conference centre at 7 pm Situated 207 West Road Overport Durban. The meeting gave a report to the community members in taking an interest on Radio Al-Ansaars interfaith programmes


The meeting also hosted IPCI Durban members and their invited attendees on their interfaith dialogue with Yusuf Islam and john McClatchy that broadcasted live on radio al-ansaar at the same time


The meeting commenced with a prayer and shortly after everyone in attendance requested to sign an attendance register

Bibi Amina Phili heading Radio Al-Ansaars (Durban) Radio projects & survey department took the platform by welcoming every one present .A special thank you also extended to all non-Muslim attendees that were present to take part with IPCI dialogue session

Ms Bibi Amina Phili PRESENTED TO community members all of Radio Al-Ansaars broadcasting shows and programmes related to interfaith/comparative religion

They include the following:

African insight: Zulu addition on a Saturday morning between 6am to 8:30am

African insight: Chichewa addition on a Sunday between 6am to 9am

Usikho-lwe-islam: Every Mondays from 12 to 12:45pm-presented by brother sfiso duma and co-hosted by munira khwela this particular show is repeated as ubhaqa the light Mondays to Fridays 1am-2am presented by munira

Surveys concluded previously that the repeated time slot was to attract people doing night shifts (security guards, nurses)

Dawah dynamics: every Saturdays between 8pm to 10pm hosted by sfiso duma
She also added that all the above shows and programmes where intended to build bridges with various faiths groups

She further encouraged members that attended the discussion to fill in surveys that where situated at the back of the hall by that also calling them to have a discussion if there need be any queries about Radio Al-ansaar or its programmes

IPCI team there after took over the session with their educational dialogue. The session where broadcasted live on Radio Al-Ansaar 90.4 FM and on Pietermaritzburg 105.6 FM

After the dialogue session the meeting ended with light refreshments

The Radio Al-Ansaar management to study the surveys.
Radio Al-Ansaar
90.4 FM Durban
105.6 FM Pietermaritzburg